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Hi, I'm Becky Worley and this is Good Stuff.
大家好,我是Becky Worley,欢迎来到Good Stuff节目f4=r&Z#O+wb)[J
It's flu season and we're more vigilant than ever about all the flues that are making around, when your kids are sick, you take their temperature, but that's easier said than done. The words Rattle thermometer sent the shiver down on my spine, So, I went on a quest to find the best digital thermometers, ones that aren't traumatic for your kids or for you when you need to get an accurate temperature reading.
The first one I tested was your standard digital thermometer, looks like a regular analog thermometer, but it has a digital read off. I try to get the old under the armpit temperature, which works fine when your kids are complaining. But when they're ornery, this becomes a battle.
So I moved on to plan B, next we tried one of these ear thermometers, it looks so easy to use these things when the nurses have in the pediatricians office, but at home not so much. Number one problem there are these little covers that you actually have to put on the tip of the thermometer and I couldn't find them when I really need to use it the most.
Next, when I finally did find the covers and try this on myself I knew I was healthy and should have been, about 98 degrees. I could not get an accurate reading. If you really jam this thing into your ear and it's more finicky than you think. So I wasn't really happy with the accuracy of the readings. And then there is how it goes with your kid, so you have to actually pull the ear low down and get this thing way deep into the ear. Oh, I am Sorry. When the poor kids were sick, this whole event turned into a wresting match that ended in tears.
Then I found this, it's a digital touchless thermometer, yeah, touchless, it's from a company called Kidsmed, it's called the Thermofocus, watch how it works, you push the button and it puts a beam of light on the child's head, just like that, I have an accurate temperature reading. Now this thermometer is pricy, about 70 dollars, but here is something to consider, you can use it on a sleeping child, and not disturb them because it's touchless. So it might be worth making that investment as flu season looms around all of us. Hey, Thanks for watching and I'm Becky Worley and this is Good Stuff. You say Good stuff. "Good Stuff."
于是我用了这种电子免触温度计,你没听错,是免触,这种名叫Thermofocus的产品产自Kidsmed公司pgJ4@#-Y&0)hVkmNW。让我们来看看如何使用,按下按钮,一束光映在孩子额头上,像这样,就能准确测量出孩子的体温tQdn@hh_SK|3&CO5。现在,这种温度计价格不菲,约70美元i1Zw4aV6MdGbaKDb。但有了这种温度计你就可以在不惊醒孩子的前提下给睡梦中的孩子量体温,价格偏高也不是不能考虑T.cqGjtkbph~。因此,在这个流感四起的季节买上一支也挺划算KgFf9~j-sv~%。感谢您的收看,我是Becky WorleyAGmCY6i1qZURUmyZ。这确实是个好东西4+yAPq0Fd=eRDM)Ak。Good Stuff节目向您介绍好东西v[h1,O^[=LfEJ)%HO



  • temperaturen. 温度,气温,体温,发烧
  • vigilantadj. 警醒的,警戒著的,警惕的
  • beamn. 光线,(光线的)束,(横)梁,桁条 vt. 用梁支
  • accuracyn. 准确(性), 精确度
  • spinen. 脊柱,脊椎,书脊,尖刺
  • shivervt. 颤动(碎裂) n. 冷颤(碎块)
  • disturbv. 扰乱,妨碍,使 ... 不安
  • finickyadj. 苛求的,过分讲究的
  • thermometern. 温度计
  • questn. 探索,寻求 v. 寻找,搜索