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It's Friday August 13th, I'm Mark Licea, and it's time to get loaded.The big Google feature that the company announced yesterday is something called voice actions. This will let you make phone calls, send reminder emails, search for directions and music and even set your alarm. You will need the voice search app now in Android market and it requires Android 2.2. Another feature announced is Chrome-to-phone now available for all Froyo users. This lets you click on a new icon in your browser and send links to your Android device.
今天是8月13日,周五LDi(-nKfdIKB2ReSCs2e。我是Mark Licea,是时间收听我们的最新资讯了pymy#[nZ,.Lr!。谷歌昨日宣布推出声音遥控功能7[b@WIgeGZF。通过声音,你将能够拨打电话,发送邮件,查看地图,搜索音乐,甚至是设定闹钟XeY-DB;#T47WHEifi。你需要做的就是配备Android 2.2系统,并在下载相关的应用程序|FAw6z.EPgrwj*w|0。另外,谷歌手机版浏览器对所有Froyo用户可用,通过它你可以将链接轻松发送到你的其他Android系统电子设备上,你要做的只是轻轻点击浏览器上的一个按钮mq-2ka1x!E+


Anyone interested in first-person shooters will be excited for this. Irrational Games announced a follow-up to the very popular BioShock franchise with BioShock Infinite. The game looks very different from the original BioShock atmosphere and takes place in a floating city called Columbia. I don't want to give out spoilers but the game is slated to come out in 2012.
所有喜欢射击游戏的玩家有福了[6__Q#r==GF#P,。Irrational Games公司宣布将制作《生化奇兵》续集l%TiLT(JmN。这款游戏在背景上将与前作有很大差别,故事设定发生在一座名叫Columbia的悬浮城市OcW_^G[Wh+e。我并不想剧透,所以我只能说这款游戏预计于2012年发售uq]+fd5@hgG-BBSqr


And you can now tweet an article without leaving the actual article page. Twitters' launching a Tweet button that triggers a pop-up with a shortened url to share with others. Right at the gate sites like Youtube, time.com, Hulu, USA today and CNN are using the Tweet button.
现在,发一条微博不用再粘贴全部的链接地址了~bJb|f*a;P60H。现在发微博放入全部链接,会自动显示缩短网址~5J!TIexnz。现在Youtube,time.com,Hulu,USA today和CNN等都已经应用这项技术了b*^ch-AcjfR167j


Internet explorer 9 will have their Beta version out on September 15th. The Beta will work with Windows Vista and Windows 7 but no XP. And users will swap out their current IE for the new version. Features include HTML5 support and improved java script engine and the ability to use your computer's graphic chip to speed up text and image rendering.
IE浏览器9将于9月15日推出测试版Ntb4_if6;PfzX。这款测试版只能在Vista,Windows 7环境中运行,而不能应用于Windows XPk1D9(|ueyN0E=mIXxzi。而用户必须替换掉原来的版本的IE浏览器才能使用该测试版R.#So|0vwi))D__L。这版的IE浏览器应用HTML5,可运行java脚本引擎,并能够应用电脑的绘图芯片加速文本和图片的解码@[2Osr0r7]fYr&1rJ


And ASUS is launching a slew of tablets, the grayscale e-tablet is more of a Kindle competitor with an 8-inch screen. It will launch in October for 300 dollars. The company is also readying the 10-inch EEE pad EP101 TC in March, and it will go for 399 dollars and run Android. And then the EP121 will have 12-inch screen, run Windows 7 and use a special docking station that can turn the tablet into a laptop. It's said to have a price tag close to 1,000 dollars and it's scheduled to ship in December or January.
华硕公司发售了一系列平板电脑,其中grayscale e-tablet是一款8英寸屏幕的平板电脑,是Kindle的有力竞争对手,grayscale将于10月发售,售价为300美元aDdS]D#mcFreoN。明年3月,华硕还将推出10英寸的EEE pad EP101 TC,这款平板电脑将运行Android系统,售价为399美元0M]4fucRW1*tL。在这之后是12英寸的EP121,采用Windows 7系统-#)&v3%%^sR(f(。特殊支架能使它变身笔记本电脑+!|XfQX#g@a&(]ptle。据说这款电脑将售价1千美元,预计于12月或1月上市s0crHw#=.m;B0~DlR


Those are your headlines for today. I'm Mark Licea with cnet.com. And you've just been loaded.
这些就是今天的头条#(3iQIwPLt]@。我是cnet.com的Mark LiceaeCGEhOO^NK^#He&4Ias。感谢您的收看pIXb*%o08RZ&28VQkN6


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  • devicen. 装置,设计,策略,设备
  • remindern. 提醒物,提示
  • vistan. 街景,展望,回想
  • kindlev. 燃烧,使 ... 著火,引起,激发
  • popularadj. 流行的,大众的,通俗的,受欢迎的
  • originaladj. 最初的,原始的,有独创性的,原版的 n. 原件
  • currentn. (水、气、电)流,趋势 adj. 流通的,现在的,
  • gadgetsn. 小配件;小工具(gadget的复数)
  • infiniteadj. 无限的,无穷的 n. 无限
  • screenn. 屏,幕,银幕,屏风 v. 放映,选拔,掩蔽,遮蔽