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According to the Maya calendar, the world is expected to end on December 21st, 2012. Whether by natrual disaster, nuclear fallout or some other doomsday event. One southern Californian man is keeping the deadline in mind with hopes of providing a solution. Entrepreneur Robert Vicino is building and selling spaces in underground shelters across the country. He is the visionary behind the $ 200 million project called VIVOS with the goal to retrofit or build as many as 20 bunkers around the US, ahead of any catastrophic event that may threaten life as we know it.
无论是自然灾害,核泄漏,还是其他灾害,根据玛雅太阳历的记载,2012年12月21日将是世界末日]QG2lt.Trsy4*E。不管怎样,一加利福尼亚州男子将这个日子记在了心头,并且期望在这个日子来临前能够提供解出决方案|622!(f5Kas&+Nx-。公司创建人Robert Vicino正在全国范围内建造并销售地下庇护所&q98mI7EH=Z1pySTG。他是这个名为VIVOS,预计耗资2亿美元计划的梦想家,以在重大灾害前建立并改装尽可能多的避难所为己任uu%=jO5AEvct4=F


"The Maya calendar just happens to be the perfect time and there is a lot of awareness we haven't on there on our websites. Kind of a metaphor for, for, hey, if you believe, here is the number of days. But you know, who is to say when it's gonna happen? It could happen tomorrow. You know, whatever the reason that you may need a shelter like this can happen any time."


Vicino denies that he is promoting a doomsday scenario in order to move his product and increase the number of units sold. He says there are plenty of other forces in play they creating a concern for many who feel that the end of the world may happen in their lifetime.


"So we are just providing a solution. We are not fanning the flames of fear. The media is already doing a good enough job of that for us and Mother Nature, and perhaps the Al-Qaeda. We are just providing a solution. That's all we are."


Several including the one located in the Mojave Desert 170 miles from Los Angeles are former power stations with walls ladder 3-feet thick. Vicino emphasizes there are disarter-proof durability.


"We are nuclear blasts resistant, we are biological and chemical proof, we are waterproof, we are earthquake proof to several force 10 earthquakes on the Richter scale. In fact, this entire facility can be shoved through the earth, sideways, 30 feet and it will not hurt the facility."


The underground cities will all be located within 150-200 miles of major cities on high ground. Each one will be fully equipped to meet the needs of its inhabitants for up to 1 year. Vicino says he's already recieving 50-100 applications a day fielding international calls from a variety of interest parties.


In Los Angeles, I am John Russell for Reuters.
路透社消息,John Russell洛杉矶报道j9r)|;Sjr)JOS%=#a


retrofit 改装,对…翻新改进


metaphor 暗喻


fan the flame 火上加油,使局势更趋紧张,煽动情绪



  • varietyn. 多样,种类,杂耍
  • threatenv. 威胁,恐吓
  • disastern. 灾难
  • havenn. 港口,避难所,安息所 v. 安置 ... 于港中,
  • visionaryadj. 幻影的,幻想的,有远见卓识的 n. 空想家,梦
  • calendarn. 日历,月历,日程表 vt. 把 ... 列入日程表
  • entrepreneurn. 企业家,主办者,承包商
  • scalen. 鳞,刻度,衡量,数值范围 v. 依比例决定,攀登
  • earthquaken. 地震
  • awarenessn. 认识,意识,了解