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It's Tuesday, August 17th, I'm Jeff Bakalar, and it's time to get loaded.


今天是8月17日周二,我是Jeff Bakalar,是时候收看今天最新的资讯了+eX#;0Q*z@J%%Jq~E|


India has joined Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in threatening to block BlackBerry email service unless Research In Motion implements a secure monitoring service. The country's claimed that militants and terrorists can use the secure email service to plan attacks within the country. RIM, for its part, says that it's technically incapable of accessing the emails of corporate users, and actually promotes the fact as a security feature. India has stated that RIM has until the end of the month before they pull the plug on an estimated one million BlackBerry users.




Adobe has come out and said "We've moved on" just three months after the company ran ads in order to ease tensions with Apple over the flash platform on the web. Apple has taken a hard stance in disallowing flash to work on their devices in hopes of a worldwide adoption of HTML 5, even though flash remains quite relevant on the net.




Barnes & Noble has announced that its Nook, e-reading software will be available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and pc. The new program is easy to use and offers tons of customization including font, colour and brightness settings, best of all, the app will be free.


Barnes & Noble(美国最大的实体书店)宣布,其新款电子书应用Nook将可以应用于iPod,iPhone,iPad,以及苹果电脑83+WOK@n%1;ri~MfJt^D。软件将提供个性化服务,包括改变字体,颜色,亮度调节,更重要的是,这款应用是免费的QDawc4|.FPfs,snAf


In more mobile app news, Microsoft has begun outlining the first X-box live games that will be available for its Windows Phone 7 operating system when it's released later this year. The list is actually pretty long and impressive, including some hit titles like Castlevania, Earthworm Jim, Guitar Hero5, Puzzle Quest 2, and Splinter Cell Conviction.


更多关于手机应用的新闻b)5aaX=hgS56q。微软公司将计划开发首款应用于X-box(微软的视频游戏机 )的在线游戏,这款游戏将能够在年底发售的手机windows7系统环境下运行aeCGE=Owu=(p~E,。开发策划书很长也很引人注目,包括热门游戏 Castlevania,Earthworm Jim,Guitar Hero5,Puzzle Quest 2和Splinter Cell ConvictionBE@9%BF6ZIvwyT3)rtxE


Finally, China's second largest mobile phone carrier, China Unicom will begin selling the iPhone 4 next month. The company has also been in talks with Apple to begin selling the iPad though no timetable on that product has been announced.




Those are your headlines for today. I'm Jeff Bakalar for CNet.com, and you have just been loaded.


这些就是今天的头条新闻(p5)Xsfeh(X7T^oJ5dlD。我是CNet.com的Jeff Bakalar,感谢您的收看Q^CKU=c!rA6Xp


Hey, I am Tom Merritt, host of Cnet's Top 5. You know, there are many more than 5 reasons why you might wanna watch Top 5, you can get a load of the best gadgets out there, the most popular ones, the worst downloads, top TV Robots and there is always a chance you could win fabulous prizes. Check out Cnet Top 5 at cnet.com/top 5.


你好,我是Tom Merritt,欢迎收看Cnet的Top 5^oPtMxTzY%。收看Top 5的理由肯定不止5个,你可以了解一些小玩意儿的最新资讯,哪个最流行,哪个最差,收看这档节目你还有可能获得小礼品%Ul%iL13o2d!BJ8Pm(fz。欢迎登陆cnet.come观看Top 5PfyO)Az%%r=T.jjUU8



  • secureadj. 安全的,牢靠的,稳妥的 vt. 固定,获得,使
  • questn. 探索,寻求 v. 寻找,搜索
  • threateningadj. 威胁(性)的,凶兆的 动词threaten的现
  • gadgetsn. 小配件;小工具(gadget的复数)
  • guitarn. 吉他
  • stancen. 准备击球姿势,站姿,踏脚处,位置
  • announced宣布的
  • puzzlen. 谜,难题,迷惑 vt. 使困惑,使为难 vi. 迷
  • availableadj. 可用的,可得到的,有用的,有效的
  • incapableadj. 无能力的,不胜任的