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It's Friday, March 25th.I'm Natali Morris and it's time to get loaded. Rumor has it that Google is testing its music service internally. Google Music has been a long-anticipated product that would stream music to any web-connected device, or so we thing. Google did not respond to inquiries from CNET about this possible new launch.
今天是三月25日,周五4^ggE]R~eMbdxdSP。我是Natali Morris是时候了解最新鲜的资讯了_uc~bR2mP1VheDmh。有传言称谷歌正在对其音乐服务进行最后一轮测试W_nblnz]H!CgU769=。谷歌音乐是一款大家已经期待已久的产品,它将使所有联网设备都可以听音乐或者收听我们的节目prZ0S|3j&vs。不过,谷歌并没有联系CNET询问联合发布的相关事宜B9U-*(d^+Q6


Everyone wants in on the group discount business these days. The New York Times launched TimesLimited, a daily deal site. Unlike Groupon, TimesLimited does not require a minimum amount of people to commit to the deal for the deal to be valid. Unfortunately it is only good for deals in the New York area for now at least.


Starz Channel will no longer allow its original programming to stream to Netflix the day after the show airs. Instead, the channel will require a 90-day waiting period for for new episodes starting April 1st.In other Netflix news, the site had an outage on Tuesday and the watch instantly service was down. Netflix is offering customers 3% credit on their next bill to make amends.
在其节目播出后,Starz Channel电台拒绝其原创节目流入网飞,而是要求节目播出90天后上线,以有时间筹备4月1日开始的新节目)vNjiTqh4K!*1p[。还有另一则有关网飞公司的消息,这家网站周二将会暂停使用一段时间,即时观看服务将停止ebedT-SRP9G6F-,XY。网飞公司将为用户下月账单提供3%额外积分来弥补这一措施造成的后果AZEL5_xD@,GQtR@R=


Facebook updated Facebook Questions this week. This is the site's question and answer feature that lets you crowd source things you might want to know. The new Facebook Questions facilitates short, poor like answers in addition to long form responses. It also links directly to relevant items in Facebook's directory of fan pages which is useful is you are looking for information a movie or a restaurant. The updates are in limited roll out to English-speaking users only.
脸谱网本周升级了问答系统Facebook QuestionsRH1N86obBa。这一网站是用问答的形式为用户提供大量所需信息_OR-^PjviY4nE。新版的脸谱问答系统中的问题更短,相比冗长的答案更加简单Sepi44;3(0kAHbD。它将直接提供相关的网络连接到好友社区的目录中,这将大大方便你查询电影和餐馆信息lom|g*sfnUm|Y4。回答问题的形式也被限定为英语用户投票产生柱状图表的形式R#s)8VH8!u]b


Walgreens has purchased drugstore.com for 409 million dollars. This will add three million customers and 60,000 new products to Walgreens digital presence. Drugstore.com will keep its name and site up and running for the time being. The deal is set to close in June.


And Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed once again. The software maker announced that the long-anticipated game had one last minute snafu that will move its May 6th release date to June 10th.


We've waited years and years and what is a few more weeks. That's your news for the day and for the week. I'm Natali Morris for CNET and you've just been loaded.
我们已经等了一年又一年,再等几周也无妨]1qZXoR-,bH*R]。以上就是今天的也是本周最新信息eJ;^nt~d7z。我是CNET的Natali Morris,感谢您的收看Pi6kk82u_*1l



  • limitedadj. 有限的,被限制的 动词limit的过去式和过去
  • announced宣布的
  • sourcen. 发源地,来源,原始资料
  • presencen. 出席,到场,存在 n. 仪态,风度
  • discountn. 折扣,贴现率 vt. 打折扣,贴现,不重视,不全信
  • respondv. 回答,答复,反应,反响,响应 n. [建]壁
  • creditn. 信用,荣誉,贷款,学分,赞扬,赊欠,贷方 (复)c
  • rumorn. 谣言,传闻 vt. 谣传
  • streamn. (人,车,气)流,水流,组 v. 流动,流出,飘动
  • additionn. 增加,附加物,加法