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It's Wednesday, February 16, I'm Natali Morris. And it's time to get loaded.
今天是2月16日,周三|4jiq=uQPIY3_x.[.Et。我是Natali MorrisvjFbK_GQK5%v8f50k。是时候接收最新科技资讯了@)n-)r1@DyXsVd84C


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did speak about internet freedom on Tuesday, but we didn't get many concrete plans as to what the government plans to do to insure this internationally. The State Department does have to walk a fine line ensuring security from cyber criminals and terrorists, but also they want to ensure equal unfettered access though no word on how they're gonna do that yet.


In related news, we do know that the Obama Administration plans to increase the budget for cyber security at home. Monday's budget proposal included more money for security research and development to reduce the risk of insider threats and make sure the programs that run our national utilities are not threatened. This is just a proposal, but it'll kick into effect in 2012.


Leapfrog announced a tablet for children. It's the LeapPad Explorer. It looks like a kid-friendly version of a tablet. It has games and activities to help children learn to read, count, practice vocabulary and more. It also has a camera, a video recorder, a microphone and a five-inch color touchscreen. It'll cost 99 dollars when it comes out this summer.
Leapfrog公司宣布将为孩子们推出一款平板电脑#NifPFB)dbYxpE!。那就是LeapPad ExplorerIPEjjjM[qL+FTS。它看上去就是一款儿童友好型的平板电脑^PBh%e;IU=Zdc~2]2)Q4。它拥有玩游戏以及帮助儿童阅读,数数,学习词汇等功能qr7M7rWW.Z-。它还配备有摄像头,录像机,麦克风和一个5英寸的彩色触摸屏m1Z=~Mn6tt。这款电脑售价99美元,并将于今年夏天上市!hSrJX%)_oT0)Nq0dt


Apple has enabled subscriptions in the App store for things like magazines, newspapers and videos. This means that publishers of content will be able to set the price and timeframe of your subscriptions. These are subscriptions for the Mac app store and the ITunes app store. Apple will process the payments through your ITunes account and take 30% of the revenue. This is the same subscription service that news corps The Daily uses.
苹果公司的用户可以在应用商城中获取杂志,报纸和视频adO&oycs7awsUg。这意味着出版商可以为苹果用户设定图书价格和图书出版时间表了rVuwJ|+Ko&G。目前,这一功能对Mac应用商城和Itunes应用商城的用户可用klYv1x@pgu;xq^s~Y4。苹果公司将通过用户的iTunes账户收取交易额30%的服务费用e3fh-|rs%v_Yd。新闻集团的The Daily报也是同样的商业模式ng|ki%^1Fj^#,R.


And if you feel like your cellphone bill is always higher than you anticipated, it's probably because of taxes. A new report from KSE partner shows that customers in Nebraska, Washington, and New York are paying the highest percentage of tax on wireless bills. The rate is over 20% of the total amount in these states. The national average is not much better at 16%. Unfortunately this is not very well regulated, and municipalities can make changes to these taxes as they see fit, so the customers get shafted.


Logitech will upgrade its video streaming service to stream to IPhone, IPad and IPod touch. Logitech lifesize video center is a product for businesses to stream video to employees for the purpose of training or meeting. It's not a two-way communication tool, it only sends video out to approve people who can now watch it on IOS devices.
罗技科技公司将更新其视频服务,以使iPhone,iPad和iPod touch用户也可使用其服务)HFWa1]GYJ+;c!B_8。罗技科技的Lifesize视频中心是一款向职工发放培训和会议视频的商业产品SjplZhPJ20tJj。这并不是一款用于双向交流的工具,它允许用户向指定用户发送视频,接收的用户将可以在IOS系统的电子设备上观看所接收的视频jMdV9XiZFT8@7_rP


And finally, a German man received the honorable mention in this year's World Press Photo Contest for taking photos of Google street view images. He put his camera in front of his computer and photographed images of unfortunate events that were on Google Street View, like this one, and this one, and this one. He called his photos as a series of unfortunate events, if you want to page through this, find at link at cnet.com/loaded.


That's your news of the day. I will see you tomorrow, I'm Natali Morris for cnet, and you've just been loaded.
以上就是今天的科技新闻eU2.YaZ9c+。我们明天见,我是CNET的Ntali Morris,感谢您的收看AYDF(O5JqH][#ut



  • contestn. 竞赛,比赛 vt. 竞赛,争取 vi. 奋斗
  • insidern. 局内人,知情人
  • unfetteredadj. 被除去脚镣的,无拘无束的 动词unfetter
  • administrationn. 行政,管理,行政部门
  • relatedadj. 相关的,有亲属关系的
  • proposaln. 求婚,提议,建议
  • announced宣布的
  • partnern. 搭档,伙伴,合伙人 v. 同 ... 合作,做 .
  • insurevt. 保险,确保 vi. 买保险
  • microphonen. 麦克风,扩音器