日期:2012-12-16 22:23



US multinationals Starbucks, Google and Amazon had been accused of not paying enough corporate tax in the UK. In a new report, a parliamentary committee says: International companies are able to exploit national and international tax structures to minimize corporate tax. The outcome they don’t pay their fair share. This comes after executives of these companies were hauled before the committee last month to face questions about their tax structures and accused them of using their loopholes to avoid paying their fair share.


As we’ve paid all of the tax due requires to pay in the UK. We’ve paid $6bn. And maybe. Tax last year.


We’re not accused you of being illegal, we’ve been accusing you of being immoral. I think.


In their report, the lawmakers also criticized UK tax authorities. The UK Revenue & Customs says it already works to ensure that international companies are paying the tax due in accordance with the law. But the parliamentary committee says it wants tax authorities to be more aggressive. The British government says it will inject more money into the tax authority to hire more investigators to go after companies and people who tried to avoid paying taxes.


Because we’ve got to be very clear at a time like this when we’re dealing with the deficit that people have to pay the taxes that are due. It’s not right that wealthy people or multinational companies avoid the taxes that are due.


We reached out to the companies for response while Google had no additional comment offering. Starbucks, Google and Amazon all insist they’re paying the proper amount of taxes on the UK profits and around Europe and have broken no laws. But Starbucks says it’s now in talks with the UK authorities over its tax structure. The coffee chain says it will review details later this week.


What’s changed to well in part pressure from consumers. Starbucks says in a statement it has listened to customer feedback and feedback from employees.


Andrew Spicer When you walk to a Starbucks, you see a board saying this is our community activities like show you pictures of people are picking coffee beans in a rainforest but they knew struck by big contradiction. These people are willing to pay the taxes in the UK.


In the hearings last month, the companies were accused of using complicated structures to fiddle income to low tax countries.


I don’t that frankly, from all of us, Andrew, why look somebody so lucky. I mean the books are here, the warehouses are here, the billionaires here. The businesses are here, the customers are here.


But unless all entail government’s corporate with each other to close loopholes. Companies will be free to find the most tax inefficient structures all within the bounds of the law.



  • additionaladj. 附加的,另外的
  • minimizev. 将 ... 减到最少 [计算机] 最小化
  • exploitvt. 剥削,利用,开拓,开采,开发 n. 功绩,勋绩,
  • aggressiveadj. 侵略的,有进取心的,好斗的
  • outcomen. 结果,后果
  • communityn. 社区,社会,团体,共同体,公众,[生]群落
  • illegaladj. 不合法的,非法的 n. 非法移民
  • responsen. 回答,响应,反应,答复 n. [宗]答复语,
  • complicatedadj. 复杂的,难懂的 动词complicate的过去
  • dealingn. 经营方法,行为态度 (复数)dealings:商务