BEC中级真题第1辑精听:Test1-Part Two(4)
日期:2019-07-23 18:41


It's Elena ... Sorry to bother you on your first day off but I'm trying to order that software you were talking about yesterday - you know, for processing customer complaints? The suppliers need to know the exact name of the package and the company that produces it - it seems there's more than one on the market. Can you help? Give me a ring at the office before 4 o'clock if you can. Otherwise, have a good break.
Mike this is Bob Richards from Birmingham Traders here. Look, today's delivery is not much better than last week's ... it looks like your process needs looking at again. Basically, you're not getting the printing areas of the 2 colours right - there's this strange optical effect instead of a clear diagram in 2 colours. Could you give me a ring when you get in?
迈克,我是Birmingham Traders的鲍勃·理查兹。今天的货物比上周的好不了多少……你似乎需要再看看你的步骤了。你基本上没有弄对2种颜色的打印区域--这里有一块奇怪的光学效果,而不是2种颜色的清晰图表。你做好后可以给我打个电话吗?

  • botherv. 使恼怒,使不安,烦扰,费心 n. 烦扰,麻烦,焦急
  • deliveryn. 递送,交付,分娩
  • diagramn. 图解,图表 vt. 用图解法表示