巴西阿根廷世预赛被迫取消 几亚内政变总统被捕
日期:2021-09-07 10:33





Hello, I'm David Harper with the BBC News.
A football World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina has been suspended minutes after kickoff as health officials and police arrived on the pitch to detain and deport four Argentine players accused of breaching COVID quarantine rules. The four Argentine players: Lo Celso, Romero, Martinez and Buendia play in the English Premier League. Our sports journalist Andrew Downey is in Brazil. It appears that the Argentine team, they thought that the same protocols that were used during the Cup of America in June and July were in place, and that allowed them to come and go from Brazil and to compete without having to quarantine. However, the Brazilian Authority said that no, the Argentine men, they're four players who played in England. And, of course, England is one of the four states where they say if you have been in England during the previous 14 days, you have to quarantine in Brazil because of the Delta variant. They said these four players had filled in the form wrong. They had not said it at the beginning and they tried to mislead the authorities. And because of that, they need to take action because they should have been in quarantine.


Special forces in Guinea have declared a nationwide curfew until further notice. They seized power in a coup on Sunday, capturing the President Alpha Condé. Earlier, the head of the Guinea's special forces, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, announced that his soldiers wanted to end rampant corruption. As the BBC's Alhassan Sillah in Conakry explains. He came on state radio and television and basically told this nation that the governmental President Condé has been overthrown. And they have the president with them there and they had arrested him. And this is the result of the fact that they have seen enough of mal-governance thumbing the travesty of justice, corruption and so on and so forth. So basically, he's saying he's taking the range of power to improve the living conditions of the average Guinean.
United Nations' Humanitarian Chief Martin Griffiths has told Taliban leaders that they must protect all civilians, especially women, girls and minorities. Mr. Griffiths who is visiting Kabul was pictured with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, one of the founders of the Taliban movement. The UN official said the Taliban leaders had given a commitment to allow humanitarian access to all people in need.
New research funded by the UK government has identified an operation try to influence western opinion, using the deliberate strategy of attaching comments to online news articles that support Russia's point of view. The researchers say that 32 prominent media website across 16 countries have been targeted. They cite a recent article in a British newspaper about the Taliban's victory in Afghanistan. In the comments that follow, many reflect a Kremlin narrative about the end of liberal democracy.
An Egyptian court in Hurghada has sentenced 10 men to death for drug smuggling, following the seizure of more than 2 tons of heroin and 100 kilograms of methamphetamine. Two of the men are Egyptian, one Iranian, and the rest are from Pakistan.
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1. in place (法律、政策、行政体系等)正在运作,就位;
Similar legislation is already in place in Wales.
2. fill in 填,填写(表格等);
You will be asked to fill in a form with details of your birth and occupation.
3. and so forth 及诸如此类;等等;
The patient can have apples, apple juice, apple sauce, and so forth.
4. in need 贫困的;困难中的;
Some people volunteer to help people in need.