日期:2018-03-12 07:28


My Lords and MPs,
At the beginning of the New Year, Prime Minister May paid a successful visit to China. Secretary Fox, Chairman Graham and I were with the Prime Minister and witnessed this productive and fruitful visit. During the visit, the leaders of our two countries agreed to build China-UK “Golden Era” 2.0. This is a good start for China-UK relations in the new year. Looking ahead, China stands ready to join hands with the British side to contribute to China-UK “Golden Era” 2.0.
First, China and the UK have everything ready to upgrade business cooperation. In China, we are implementing the blueprint outlined at the 19th Party Congress. We will promote high-quality development. To achieve this, we will deepen supply-side structural reform, advance industrial transformation, encourage innovation and increase input into green finance, energy conservation, environmental protection and clean energy. We will also increase market access in the service sector and encourage international cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative.
Here in Britain, you have a competitive edge in financial services, environmental protection, clean energy and high and new technology. In these fields, our two countries can match our development strategies, deepen cooperation and deliver more “golden fruits”. Together, we can make China-UK relationship an exemplar of win-win cooperation and common development between the East and West.
Second, we have everything ready to upgrade our cultural exchanges. Both China and the UK are great civilizations. We take pride in being inclusive and ready to learn from each other. Both our countries now stand at the entrance to a new historic era. The new era promises new opportunities. Both our countries are pursuing the Chinese Dream and the British Dream respectively. As we set out to realise our dreams, we can support each other and grow together.
The British public have spoken highly of the 19th Party Congress of China and China's development. There is a strong interest in learning more about China's governance philosophy and policies. While in China, we stand ready to draw lessons and experience of social governance and national development from Britain. This paves the way for our two countries to increase the sharing of governance experience, to enhance cultural and people-to-people exchanges and to make them work for the Chinese Dream and the British Dream.
Third, we have everything ready to upgrade our cooperation on global issues. Both China and the UK are committed to upholding and promoting free trade and an open economy. We both have long benefited from them. In 2018, China will mark the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. This will be a moment to declare our continued determination to open wider to the world and contribute to an open world economy. The UK has long been a standard bearer of free trade. Its vision of a “global Britain” is a renewed commitment to greater inclusiveness and openness. In this context, there is a high degree of consensus and converging interest between China and the UK to uphold economic globalization, oppose protectionism and reform the global governance system. It is important that China and the UK adopt a global vision. We must assume our duties by enhancing our cooperation on global issues, promoting global governance and contributing to peace and prosperity of the world.
My Lords and MPs,
The Year of the Rooster has delivered fruitful results. The Year of the Dog promises greater achievements. Today is the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, known as “horse day”. According to tradition, this is the day for cleaning up the house and getting ready for spring plowing. In a sense, the whole year's work starts today. I sincerely hope that in the new year, the APPCG will continue to support China-UK relations, enhance our cooperation and promote the friendship between our two countries. The Chinese Embassy will work with you as always. Together we can write a more beautiful chapter of China-UK “Golden Era” 2.0.
In conclusion, I wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous Year of the Dog!