日期:2021-10-22 10:10


Why are some very smart people so quiet?


Smart people are quiet because they are smart, very smart, and supremely smart.


1.Speaking teaches you little or nothing. It is far more enlightening in both the short and long term to listen and watch.


2.People hear you when you shout and listen when you whisper. Apprehend how people behave when you speak softly but clearly.


3.A quiet and gentle mind can usually find the time to deal with the most baffling problems and at least conjure some ideas.


4.When a quiet person raises her or his decibel level to what most might judge as ordinary, the sounds may seem enormously loud to listerners accustomed to leaning forward and perking their ears to hear the speaker.


5.To be quiet does not mean that smart people cannot become raucous sometimes, and when they do, all of their acquaintances notice right away.


6.BTW, in American schools, students are required to speak up, and in many schools to speak up loudly. Quite the opposite in Chinese and other Asian schools.


“The smarter you get the less you speak”


Once my friend, who is very enthusiast in reading, told me the smarter you get the less you speak. Anyone can argue, debate, condemn, criticize, complain but the true knowledge comes from within from inside. It takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving. Knowledge also brings peace, calmness and silence with itself.


Some people are introvert just because they know that most of the time debating doesn’t bring results; it brings confusion. They are not listening; they are more focused on winning the argument.


Why are some very smart people so quiet?


I can think of the following reasons:


Very smart people:


-choose to talk less, and listen more, in order to seek more information, which leads to opportunities;


-seek first to understand; then to be understood;


-know how to exercise savoir-faire, so as to stay on top of the game;


-understand the realism of “Dumb people talk about people; Average people talk about events; Intelligent people talk about ideas.” (Steve Jobs);


-believe in 'Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.';


-accept the reality of 'Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.'


-live by the code of “Talk doesn’t cook rice; only Action creates Results;”


-appreciate that life is defined by what you do and what you don’t do;