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1. signing
2. primary
3. literacy
4. different but complementary
5. settling/resolving
6. many social contexts
7. characteristics/features
8. reaction
9. distance
10. emotion
11. deliberate
12. intimacy and immediacy
13. continuum
14. degrees of interactivity
15. the usage
1. What is international leaders' assessment of the current battle against Ebola?
答案:B. Disheartening.
2. How many people are now working in the treatment unit in Liberia?
答案:A. 200.
3. According to Mary, what is the challenge in the battle against Ebola?
答案:D. Insufficient operational efforts on the ground.
4. Why do health workers need case management protocol training?
答案:B. They can open up more treatment units.
5. What does this interview mainly talk about?
答案:C. Ebola outpacing operational efforts.
6. What is Tom's main role in his new position?
答案:D. Creating things from changes in behavior, media, etc.
7. According to Tom, what does innovation require of people?
答案:B. Being brave and willing to take a risk
8. What does Tom see as game-changing chances in the future?
答案:B. Aiming at a consumer level.
9. What does Tom do first to deal with the toughest part of his work?
答案:D. Examining the future carefully.
10. Which of the following might Tom work for?
答案:A. A media agency.

11.The first part of Para. 4 refers to the fact that .
答案:[A]life there is quiet and slow
12."The lack of awareness" in Para. 5 refers to .
答案:[C]little knowledge of the beauty of the beach
13.The author uses "gloriously" in Para. 6 to .
答案:[C]contrast greenery with isolation
14.The sentence "We never ate the same thing twice" in Para. 10 reflects the of the seafood there.
15.Which of the following themes is repeated in both Paras.1 and 11?
16. It can be inferred from Paras.1 and 2 that teachers used to .
答案:[D]teach extended reading in a perfunctory way
17. The sentence "we all understand and instinctively feel narrative structure" in Para.4 indicates that .
答案:[C]we are born story-tellers
18. Samuel Johnson regards the relationship between a writer and a reader as (Para.5).
19. In Para.7, the author sees "pre-reading" as the most important part of reading because .
答案:[C]it can attract students' attention
20. "Textual Intervention" suggested by Rob Pope (in Para. 8) is expected to fulfill all the following functions EXCEPT .
答案:[C]stretching the imagination
21. According to the author, "national service" is comparable to "military training" because they both cultivate youngsters' .
答案:[B]self discipline
22. The author cites the example of his father in order to show .
答案:[A]the importance of discipline
23. According to the author, a national service program can bring the following benefits to America's youngsters EXCEPT .
答案:[A]increase in income
24. According to the context, what does "the fire" refer to (Para. 14)?

25. What does Para. 2 tell us about the restaurant business on the Alentejo coast throughout the year?
答案:Busy in July and August only.或者Not busy all the year other than July and August.
26. According to Para. 5, what are the main reasons of the Alentejo's inaccessibility?
答案:Far from airports, and without proper accommodation.或者It takes two hours' drive from Faro or Lisbon airports.
27. What does "It was simply a box ticking exercise" mean in Para. 2?
答案:Extended reading was taught superficially without creation or enthusiasm.
28. Paras. 4 - 6 propose three main precepts for the new approach. Please use ONE phrase to summarize each of the three precepts.
答案:Teaching as storytelling, reading as creative processes, students as readers.
29. What does the author suggest to shift the dynamic in the classroom (Para. 11)?
答案:Replacing "language" with narrative approached as an attractive creative process.
30.What is the purpose of the program proposed by the author (Paras. 1-3)?
答案:To help the urban poor lead quality lives.
31. What does the word "it" in "Don't dismantle it: rechannel it" refer to (Para. 7) ?
答案:The resources of military bases suitable for national service.
32. What do Robert Reich's findings imply (Para. 12)?
答案:There is alienation between the rich and the poor.

1. which→ that
2. thus→ as
3. how→ 去掉how
4. the more→ and the more
5. specially→ especially/particularly
6. dominated→ dominating
7. make→ conduct/offer
8. ability→ the ability
9. specialized→ specialize
10. manner→ way

The reasons for the elders' mixed feelings about the New Year, I think, come down to the following two ones. On the one hand, celebrating the New Year means a great expense to them. On the other hand, the fleeting time exerts considerable pressure on them. Kids may say excitedly that they begin another year in their life after the New Year; while, elders may sigh, "Well, I've become one year older!"For the kids, the New Year means that they are making progress in the most brilliant part of their life. On the contrary, for the elders, it's an indication that they are sliding into their declining years.

Job Hopping, Yes or No?
It seems that employers nowadays are more open to job hoppers as they realize that job hopping may be conducive to them in refreshing organizational cultures and values. However, some employers are reluctant to hire those job hoppers on the grounds that the latter needs at least four to six years to demonstrate progress to their employers and therefore, job hoppers who served in a company for less than that duration will do no good to both their present and next employer. For those who are struggling for something new, they should not feel guilty about job hopping, but they should figure out what kind of job they really want before the final decision is made.
The commonly accepted wisdom is that flexibility means adapting well to various circumstances and it should be highly valued. In particular, venturing in new settings is not detrimental to personal characters in one's early life. Job hopping will broaden one's experience, escalate one's knowledge and enrich one's life. Additionally, job hopping may inspire smart decisions in choosing ideal jobs in the future. Apart from a few who are definite towards their career life at a younger age, most young adults, especially those who have just stepped out of the ivory tower, are still not quite clear about their future. Job hopping will without doubt help new graduates find their true self and the direction of their careers. Furthermore, those loyal employees do have strengths such as commitment, devotion and credibility to the job, but they also bear higher risk of job burnout, mid?career crisis sabotage and severe career bottleneck, which may render stagnancy or even loss to the company.
There is no question that switching jobs should be done on the basis that the employee has really acquired skills in his or her present post and needs to further his or her knowledge or values. For those who frequently change jobs because they feel insecure or are sunk in apathy about the job or have difficulty in addressing relationships with colleagues, it deserves reflection.

  • willingadj. 愿意的,心甘情愿的
  • durationn. 持续时间,期间
  • decisionn. 决定,决策
  • escalatevt. 扩大,升高,增强 vi. 逐步升级
  • awarenessn. 认识,意识,了解
  • conduciveadj. 有助于 ... 的
  • assessmentn. 估价,评估
  • ivoryn. 象牙,乳白色 adj. 象牙制的,乳白色的
  • definiteadj. 明确的,确切的,有把握的
  • approachn. 接近; 途径,方法 v. 靠近,接近,动手处理