日期:2015-01-25 13:47





On Team Spirit





We are living in a globalized world and the cross-cultural communications are increasing nowadays. In other words, we have never been so closely connected with each other in the human histories. As a philosopher has pointed out, nobody is an isolated island. If we want to have a bright future, we need more cooperation for the development. Therefore, team spirit is very important. It is an bility that people can understand each other and cooperate with each other for the successful completion of some important tasks.We need such kind of ability in particular during the globalization for several reasons.




First of all, team spirit offers us a platform where we can operate our collective talent to work out thebest. Only when we work effectively together can we have the best chance to get the success. Taking the 2008 Beijing Olympics for example, I think the success of the event first goes to the superb team spirit of the organizers and millions of volunteers.So many people work hard and cooperate well for the single aim and the solitary goal: an exceptional Olympics for the whole world. A lot of student volunteers in Beijing are committed and work tirelessly during the hot summer. History has witnessed their brilliant teamwork and valuable contributions.What is more,team spirit is quite useful for personal career.




As young students,we must learn the core and sharpen our skills in the team.If you work in a company,most of the time you have to finish or design a huge project with your colleagues. Each person can contribute their wisdom to the completion of the task. You cannot do it so well single-handedly. When we watchthe Olympic Games on TV, we are so amazed by the excellent performances of the players. If they want to win the gold medals, they must compete as one person and exercise their own part well for the whole success.So we can say the team spirit is the secret of success.




Finally,team spirit is the symbol of national power and strength. As we all know,the Chinese delegationhas won the most medals during the 2008 Olympics and all Chinese people are so proud of our country. Another example is the touching power of the team spirit in the Sichuan earthquake. We were moved by the perseverance and persistence of the rescue workers, who were eager to help their compatriots.




In conclusion, team spirit is an important ability and skill in the 21th century because we are all facedwith the globalization and the question of how to live better. Therefore, we must learn to work well in the team and let the team spirit guide us to success.





  • symboln. 符号,标志,象征
  • solitaryadj. 孤独的,独立的,单个的,唯一的,荒凉的 n.
  • cooperatevi. 合作,协力
  • effectivelyadv. 事实上,有效地
  • rescuevt. 营救,援救 n. 营救,救援
  • cooperationn. 合作,协作
  • committedadj. 献身于某种事业的,委托的
  • exceptionaladj. 例外的,异常的,特别的,杰出的
  • understandvt. 理解,懂,听说,获悉,将 ... 理解为,认为
  • particularadj. 特殊的,特别的,特定的,挑剔的 n. 个别项目