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And now to the device that is promising to change our lives in a way we interact with the written word.
Apple's new iPad goes on sale this Saturday. It's already sold out.
In a moment we are going to give you an exclusive first look at it. But first Becky Worly is here with more of the massive buzz surrounding the gadget.
我们马上独家来了解[lw|I*H1Pf(zAA06+。但首先Becky Worly将会带来更多关于这个产品的信息ODrx@4hdV+f(.,_XfES,
Since the moment Steve Jobs announced its arrival. (We call it the iPad.) The iPad has been both a mystery and a media icon at the same time.
自从Steve Jobs宣布苹果公司的新产品iPad上市W)orMb|ti;R#I*GN^。iPad就成了一个谜,并受到了媒体的追捧C,Eadm&E-J,)=b;X@4
The iPad comes out on my actual birthday. It's like Steve Jobs and God get together to say we love you Phil.
iPad在我生日这天上市,就好像Steve Jobs和上帝在为我庆生一样,-Pj~aM64l
Now we are just few days from people actually getting to touch the new iPad instead of just reading about it.
I think it's probably be a game changer people have been waiting for an Apple tablet.
It's kind of somewhere in between an iPhone and a PC. And I think it's a great idea.
It's gonna take the iPod to the next level.
Analysts say they expect up to 5 million iPads to fly off the shelves this year despite the starting price of $499.
Pre-orders have been brisk. Buyers now have to wait more than a week to get iPads from the online store.
But that's not keeping folks from making big iPad plans.
Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania says they'll be outfitting every full time student with an iPad come Fall.
If it's anything like the much-hyped iPhone, analysts say iPads might be in short supply in the early weeks, those students in Seton Hill better hope for a good place in line.
Now it's important to know that the iPad that's going on sale this weekend is the Wi-Fi only version meaning that you can only connect up to internet if you are in your home,
Wi-Fi networker,the hot spot, later this month throughout we are gonna see the iPads from AT&T that have that 3G cellular connection, they cost 130 bucks more and start with $15 a month data plans.
Overall what do you think about this packing?
I think it's a big iPod touch or a big iPhone without the phone aspect. But the factor is that it's so big, gives you some really cool things you can do.
So let's talk about photos.
I can look at photos and then watch this: I can flip it over and it changes the orientation, watch, I'll show you again, you can go bump and just, sorry, here here and it then flips the orientation as we go to that camera, really cool, right? Now what you notice right away that's amazing is the book function, so you see... (It's like reading a book?) it is true because of the color, so I am gonna open it up. We need a pull and you can see the color images and watches as I turn the page, did you see the page turning as I go? It really feels like a book.
Now of course you can browse the internet,you can check out sites like EBay or you know what's really need to is that you can look at beautiful graphical sites like the National Geographic and you can pinch and pull and zoom in, that is neat.
Now there are some things that are not quite ready meaning like video, that's in flash on many of these sites will not be available. (sites like, not being able to pick that up?) Not yet, but they will come soon as apps developed.
Now you know this is an amazing device where we are really gonna see innovation is gaming, scrabble that you can play against each other using iPhones and iPod touches,amazing gaming device,too.
I was trying to pull back but I had one when I was driving so it's get prepared for any 500 being pace cargo,but yeah, you just really had this sensation that you were driving, but newspapers, books it goes on and on and on.
It will be interesting to see how this changes media and changes the way we use our devices.
All right, we have to get these back, don't we? (Yeah.) I can tell those security guards are right there.
Thank you for the first look and we will see. So tell us what you think, go on and shot on broad at the abcnews.com.,Do we really have to get them back? (Yeah.) All right.



  • sensationn. 感觉,感知力,激动,轰动
  • supplyn. 补给,供给,供应,贮备 vt. 补给,供给,提供,
  • devicen. 装置,设计,策略,设备
  • factorn. 因素,因子 vt. 把 ... 因素包括进去 vi
  • mysteryn. 神秘,秘密,奥秘,神秘的人或事物
  • orientationn. 信仰,趋向,定位,适应,情况介绍 [计算机] 定向
  • innovationn. 创新,革新
  • flipvt. 掷,弹,轻击 vi. 翻转 n. 空翻,浏览 a
  • cargon. 货物,船货
  • announced宣布的