科技动态: 亚马逊推出Kindle产品图书免费借阅服务
日期:2012-11-07 10:47




It's Thursday, April 21st, I'm Natali Morris and it's time to get loaded.
今天是4月21日周四,我是Natali Morris,是时候接收今天的最新科技资讯了4K[DS#7v+;


Amazon announced kindle library lending. This lets you borrow books from over eleven thousand libraries in the US. You can use this with any kindle product, either the kindle app on your smart phone or your pc, you tablet or an actual kindle. You can make notes in the books and the notes will be yours to keep even after you returned these books. This feature will launch later this year.


Toshiba will be launching it's first tablet running Google Android operating system in June. We saw this tablet at CES in January, but now we have real information about it. It will run Android 3.0 and cost a little over 700 dollars. When it launchs, first in Japan and then overseas shortly after. It's a 10 inch tablet with a LED backlit screen, two cameras, HDMI and 16 gates of storage.


EBay announced the acquisition of where.com. This is a local advertising company that specializes in mobile phone ads. EBay did not disclose the terms of the deal but they did say the acquisition should happen in the second quarter of this year.


Goggle launched something called Goggle Earth Builder. This helps small businesses store geographic data on Google servers. It is a lot like Google docs for your maps. I don't suspect this will be a huge consumer hit, but some government agencies or companys that deal with special information could find this handy, it will help avoid expensive mapping software.
谷歌发布了一款名为Earth Builder的应用)VzrDNX[m@%U!j。这款应用将帮助你通过谷歌地图得到路边小店的信息GaLKQZCz[@b7e.1Ni。他们就类似于地图版本的Google docstw=e_^kJ7;3*g*#。如果这款应用受到用户热捧我并不会惊讶,但一些专门处理特殊信息的政府机关或公司会觉得这款应用太过方便了,它将延缓未来地图软件的开发e2!&Xp+=5K%o-;@X


GameFly won a case against the US postal service. Two years ago the game rental company claimed that the post office was discriminating against them by charging extra for postage and not giving them the same preferential treatment that Netflix gets for their discs. The postal service now has to establish two parallel rate categories for round trip discs that would not be subject to surcharge when they are returned.


That's your news of the day, I'll see you tomorrow. I'm Natali Morris with CNet, and you've just been loaded.
以上就是今天的最新资讯,我们明天再见xCx_3KIsSm。我是Natali Morris,感谢您的收看ht9DDX*MEFPnd(Rsd6X



  • surchargen. 装载过多,额外费
  • suspectn. 嫌疑犯 adj. 令人怀疑的,不可信的 v. 怀疑
  • acquisitionn. 获得,所获之物
  • kindlev. 燃烧,使 ... 著火,引起,激发
  • announced宣布的
  • discriminatingadj. 有辨别能力的,有区别的 动词discrimin
  • storagen. 贮藏,存储,保管,保管费,仓库,[计]存储器
  • avoidvt. 避免,逃避
  • smartadj. 聪明的,时髦的,漂亮的,敏捷的,轻快的,整洁的
  • disclosevt. 揭露